More and More Frequent Crashes

Hello folks, I have been experiencing more game crashes recently, and it’s really upsetting to fly 15 hour flights and have them crash on final. These only occur when:

  • There is active ATC

  • Airspace is usually pretty busy

  • Only crashes when on final approach

I don’t usually have any 3rd party assists active when I fly, and before 21.8, I hardly had any crashes

Thanks people!



Can you please provide us with some details regarding the settings you use, such as:

  • What is your aircraft count set at?

  • What are your graphic settings?

  • Do you have anti-aliasing turned on?

This will be able to assist us in gaining a better understanding and hopefully lead to us being able to assist you further and finding a resolution.

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This has happened to me before as well in the past. The way I handle it is I just dont fly into active airports with ATC. Try lowering the plane count and clearing the cache before entering the airspace or do it throughout the flight. Happy flying and good luck!

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Aircraft count is medium, which didn’t seem to effect much before
Rendering Quality is medium
3D object density is medium
Rendering resolution is high
Anti-aliasing is off

These are the settings I’ve run since 20.1, and I’ve had no issues until this point. Thanks Declan!

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