More airspace in the Infinite flight Non-pro version

Hey there everyone. Unfortunately, my IF subscription is ending today and one thing got me thinking… I remember when I first bought IF, and realized that you were only able to fly in certain areas around the world such as; North America, Australia, Europe, East America, and a few more.

Now, I really admire the work of the developers and stand fully by their side, but I really think they should add a few more areas where you can fly. I would really like them to add Central Europe, and the middle east. Another suggestion is if IF doesn’t want to add more areas, they should make an exclusive package just for the global map, so you can fly in solo, wherever you want. Some people like me, don’t want extra aircraft but want the whole map for an exclusive cost. I don’t think anyone here wants to pay extra for something they want.

Why do I think they should add this? Well, I think that it would attract more people to play the game, and it would make flying more fun by having more places to chose from. Here is the fully unlocked map:

I would really appreciate it if you guys would vote for this feature, we would all be grateful, and make Infinite flight, a better place… If you like the idea, you vote for it. If you don’t like the idea, you don’t vote for it, it’s simple :)

YeS. We need Vancouver area!!!


I think a little bit of more areas would become handy. But not too much, as this may impact the FDS. It would just get less profitable. But it’s a nice idea!


The satellite imagery Infinite Flight uses is extremely expensive. The costs to run a server are not cheap as well especially when they need space for thousands of users, the satellite imagery, real life weather data and in events hundreds of pilots all in one place.

Also let’s not forget that there are people working for Infinite Flight. They need to receive a paycheck as well, they need to feed their families, they need to pay bills, they need to pay rent, …

Everything has a price. There are some regions you can use, but the rest requires a subscription. That is only understandable and I think the situation as it is now is fair.


You get what you give. Pay a one time fee to get a few basics, pay the subscription to get everything and updates.


Everything you said makes sense, I do understand that the satellite imagery is expensive, but I don’t think they wouldn’t be able to fit 2 or 3 more areas into their budget. Some people want to buy the infinite flight subscription only for THE MAP, not the aircraft. I am happy with the aircraft, but I don’t want to pay the full price to get something I don’t want, it would be a waste of money… That’s what I’m trying to say. If they add a package for only the Global map, I would be more than happy to pay for it.


Hmh, I see your point but I have to disagree with something:

When you but a Pro-Subscription you pay for the service to use the product “Infinite Flight” with all its features. You cover the development costs, you cover the expenses and you cover the personnel costs as well. You don’t just pay for the product, but for the service. And the service does include everything.

I give you an everyday example: You go the McDonalds and buy a Hamburger. But you want it without the pickle. They make that hamburger for you. But you still pay the same price. You pay for the service that you get the hamburger. You don’t have to use everything of it (in this case the pickle) but it’s still the same service and therefore the same price.

Same here with Infinite Flight. One All-Inclusive-Service, one price.


Well, you obviously have the upper side by working in a bank and knowing economics very well :) So there isn’t really much to argue about this within a grown man, and a teenager.

I understand your example, but if that’s the case, why doesn’t IF make an exclusive package, just to get the map in solo?

Ha, I wouldn’t call myself a grown man, with 21 years of age! Some of the more interesting discussions on this community I had with people who weren’t even 16 yet. Age is (mostly) just a number really. It doesn’t determine how intelligent you are or how much you know on a subject 😄

To be honest, I don’t know really. I don’t work for them. However, flying Solo also requires a server and imagery streaming as the data isn’t fully stored on your device anymore as it used to be before Global. So you still need to cover those costs and a one time transaction might not be enough for that. That’s probably the reason, but again, I don’t have that information 😊


Yeah, I agree but people would have to pay monthly for the Global imagery, just like IF live.
So if IF can keep up with live (paying monthly, getting the whole map, and aircraft), why wouldn’t they be able to keep up with an option to have only the map, and paying monthly? That’s my point. But let’s not get sidetracked from the actual topic… :)


You have my vote I think it would be cool if they had Texas and the scenery would overlap with another one like how the Chicago area overlaps another.

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Yeah, but I think they should add more areas from other parts of the world, like Asia and the Middle east. There are already quite a lot of areas in America…


I say Texas because that’s where I’m from and I like infinite flight, but I don’t have a pro subscription so I’m restricted to certain areas and I find the prices a bit high but once you look into why it’s so high you understand why.

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Yeah I do agree we should have more connecting sceneries or a “airway”/strip of scenery that links all of the sceneries together.


I totally agree! that would be cool if they could do that! :)


Yeah! I would think the same…


Yes so you could fly long hauls.
But I think along these airways they probably don’t need the full scenery or airports because people could just glide to an area outside the zones.

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Your subscription is for the global service not the aircraft. The aircraft are just a bonus. They can take away the aircraft access and your global access price would still be the same. You are paying forthe access to the entire globe not the aircraft.

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Yes, but what if I just want the Map? Not the live server? That’s what I’m trying to say; I just want to pay money for the map, not the server itself, which is really expensive, but yet again everyone has their own thoughts.

It will still be the same. They are just giving you additional access as add ons. Taking away aircraft or live access wont change the price. You’d still pay what you are paying. If you dint want live fine dont use it, you have the global access in solo mode but removing live mode wont change the price they set