More Airbus, More Boeing, More Planes


It’s me again after such a long time. Well, maybe not so long but still. Also, no more fun titles anymore so… I guess we should begin. By the way, this topic is certainly less random than my last one.

Mini mod repellent

Aircraft: Wait and see for yourself. Be patient and all you need to know is that they are all planes.
Server: Some are solo performances, others from the expertest of expert servers…
Flight time: Less than 1000 years
Routes: Various

Boeing A330 departing Kazakhstan for the city in two continents

French butter.

Spotters’ greatest enemy, the fence.

Portuguese butter this time, I guess.

¡Viva México!

Finally, a Boing Airbus 737-800 in the good old Continental livery turning final for Runway 19 at Ronald Reagan National.

Neo goes nyooom

Neo eating cheese, fromage, queso, whatever you call that.

Hi Fly Switzerland. Literally.

I hope you enjoyed reading the topic and yes, I do know that this episode is rather focused on Airbus. Let’s not pretend that it’s not my favourite manufacturer though.

Which was your favourite?

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These are splendid! Especially the last one 😯

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These are gorgeous! Congrats!

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The 6th shot is worth tagging @Kamryn
Great shots overall!


Amazing photos
I wiscv i would be so great at this like you


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Thanks a lot everyone! (It looks like this topic attracted quite a few Airbus fans too.)

That one was actually my personal favourite. The Hi Fly livery is perfect on the A330-900.


These photos are so good, especially the last one!

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10/10 amazing work

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Loved the first one😍

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Thank you very much! Central Asia is by far one of the most underrated regions in IF, I’d highly recommend you to fly there. You wouldn’t regret it.

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