More African short haul liveries

On Infinite flight we have a whole continent that has recently been updated - but we don’t have many liveries on short-haul aircraft (A320 family, 737 family, erj)(exc SAA crj and Saa/eth dash8) based in Sub-Saharan Africa. I feel like there could be a more diverse range of liveries from Africa as it can be a little overlooked in terms of liveries.

Some suggestions I have -
Mango 737
Kulula 737
TAAG 737
SAA a320
Air Seychelles, Austral, Air Mauritius A320
Air Namibia A319
Ethiopian 737
Kenyan 737
Air Zimbabwe a320
Air Tanzania A320 (How can you not love a giraffe themed livery?)

Hi, Please read this to understand better how the features category works :)

Yes I’ve read it. Your point is?

  • You can’t request multiple liveries at once…
  • You can’t request multiple aircraft variants to have a specific livery at once either…
  • There’s no picture to support this feature…

And i can go on forever with this list of things you missed out on…