More African Airline Fleet Variiety

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I would like to bring forward a suggestion about the current african liveries. I believe that they are misrepresented in IF, among other sims.

Currently we only have a handful of liveries from the African continent, AirNamibia, JamboJet and UgandaAir would be great additions to IF. Only a small potion of them have a variety in aircraft type(EgyptAir, South African Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines). Afriqiyah Airways for example only has the A350 in game while in real life they have A320’s and A330’s. Another example is Kenya Airways, here only the 787 is in IF, where the real fleet has E190’s, 738’s, 772 and 773’s and had 757’s and 767’s.

I would like to see this change over time and hopefully make flying in Africa less repetitive and more enjoyable

Below are some pictures of some of the aircraft:

Kenya Airways 767

Afriqiyah Airways A330

Uganda Airlines Bombardier CRJ 900

AirNamibia A330
images (1)

Kenya Airways 777-200ER

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Just want to see if you made a mistake here! Great idea though!

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You can vote for all of these in their respective threads in the #features category.

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I would love to see more African liveries too.

But as @snoman mentioned, you must request only one livery request as per #features guidelines.


Thank you for your post today however, as you read the two highlighted comments above, these topics are available for you to vote for and we only allow one request for each topic.

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