More advanced controllers needed, please expedite!

I must say that flying on the advanced server is beginning to lose its appeal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to do with the controllers themselves who the vast majority of the time are fantastic, it’s more due to the fact that there are so few of them ! I use the server regularly and can’t remember the last time I completed a flight without an ATC going offline half way through.
Example I have just finished a flight around the Amsterdam region, took off from the Hague, headed towards Dusseldorf. After 5 mins or so Dusseldorf tower disappears. OK, look around the map and Brussels tower is open so divert to there. After 2 more mins Brussels tower stops abruptly, look around again and Dusseldorf is back open ! So make another turn back there, vectored in nicely by approach and after all of that (some 30 mins of flying later) am turned away by tower saying airport is full (and yes there were plently queuing to take off from 23L but 23R perfectly available for landing).

Like most others I fly on the advanced server to get the most realistic experience, it is pointless using it when there is no interaction with live ATC. It’s a big part of the $4.99 I pay each month. So come on guys, there are many people using this forum who desperately want to control on the advanced, we’ve been told for months now that testing will resume “very soon”. As the heading says, please expedite, let’s get a decent number of controllers and make the advanced experience better for everyone !


Trust me that the testers are very busy right now. I know there aren’t as many controllers as you would want but we always try to make your experience the best it can be. When testing resumes one of the testers will let everyone know. :)

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Just have patience. We can’t just add 200 controllers without testing everyone of them so that takes time. Not to mention we have grown from like 40 to 200 or so controllers since live came out. When the theory test comes out, the rate of new controllers being added will rise! (if there is the quality ofc)

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I really want to be an advance ATC and yesterday masonah2479 gives me support and it Goes very good now

I would like to be considered as a candidate for ATC on advanced. Have been practicing on playground as tower and ground at KNUC, KPSP, KONT, KBUR, EGHH and EGBB. Have also tested the waters as approach and center with some success. Please, keep me in mind. Thank you, good day!

At this rate, there’ll be no pilots!


If you want me to come and watch you I can later today! This will be just to give you feedback and will not be the official test. Private message me if you are interested. :)

Hi Dylan,

For now, continue training on the PG, and our testing team will be happy to test you when all tests come out ;)

Stay tuned

//Advanced 2 controller


We had issues with the previous testing system.
Please believe the recruiting team and all the ATC advanced server crew is busy working on the testing system.

Thank you for understanding

Responding to this part

Steve. You can contact me or any of the other official recruiters and we can get you all sorted with becoming an advanced controller when it is all going again ((:

When starts the test?

In that audio blog, or what ever it was, they interviewed Tyler. He said there was 200 Advanced ATC already. I can’t imagine as I’m with the original poster. It always the same 5-6 guys working. Where are the 200?

Not only do people have lives but after a while the senior controllers who love their positions get tired of the mockery that us displayed by 5% of the “advanced server pilots”. We don’t like to ghost as it takes time since it’s not a one button push deal and we’re not here to ruin your experience. Unforntately, that 5% is the percentage that spends the most time on the simulator.



Okay Misha, thanks. Mason is going to observe for me on the PG soon, I’ll let you folks know how that goes.

Just so you are 100% clear, Mason has 0 official status in terms of testing and you won’t be favoured any more than others if he helps you out. Just a little disclaimer I have to give ((: