More about Concorde

Is the team working on the Concorde or just the A350 and Xcub?

I so want the Concorde in the game.

Me too because she is a beauty in the sky, just look at her. images%20(39)

Such a beauty

The official release of the Concorde has yet to be confirmed,but at the moment the developers are only working on the A350 and XCub. Always remember to check #announcements and the development timeline for news important news regarding Infinite Flight.


Show your support for the plane and vote for the feature request. Then we have to wait and see if the devs like it as well. They might be working on it. They might not be. We can’t control that. The only thing we can do is to show a direction with the feature suggestions. Give it a go and vote 😊

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Adding on to @Marc, vote for the Concorde here:

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Hope she has enough votes to make it into infinite flight’s skies oneday.

The amount of votes does not determine anything to the start of the development of a specific feature. It only shows the developers how many IFC members want the feature


I think it is enough people😂😂

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MaxSez: Enough on this EU PR stunt. Its skeleton sits on rotten row or taking up space in some 3d rate museum. Now I suggest selecting the Tri-Motor’s or the DC-3 the fathers of commercial aviation there still flying and making a buck and have a unique place in the IF inventory
Just sayin, G’day, Max Sends


I have to be one of the (very) few in the community that would rather it was not brought into the game!

[insert sound of me bolting my door and hiding in the corner…]

My fear is that a legendary aircraft will be overused and abused, and the casual and training servers will be full of hundreds of Concordes, with just a few real world existing aircraft mixed in. I appreciate everything it stands for, and the engineering genius that it was - but for me it’s true home is a museum and not being flown terribly on Infinite Flight ;)

Sorry, don’t throw anything at me… please…