More 747-8 Liveries

There are not enough 748 liveries in the game! Some livery ideas below…

Atlas Air
British Airways World Cargo
Etihad Cargo
Silk Way Airlines
Nippon Cargo Airlines
Honkong Airlines
State Of Kuwait (Kuwait goverment)

Can anyone think of anymore?


Cathay Pacific has some in their fleet as well!

Cathay Pacific Cargo

Hong Kong airlines only has airbus BTW

Check out the list of customers.

I did

Wiki isn’t always right tho… :(

I’m born in Hong Kong

My friend works in HKECO and he said impossibble

We already have Nippon Cargo!

Well he is probably right then lol

If you don’t trust wiki, trust Boeing :)

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Saudia has a few 747-8F, too

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Chian airliens 747-8 livery makes the plane look really old like 1970s old

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Are you implying that it’s good or bad?

Personally, I love retrojets and the AC livery gives off an old vibe. Not 70s old (IMO) but still vintage

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I like the 747-8 but not that livery

AC is Air Canada
CA is Air China

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LOL!!! @Boeing707 Just got owned!!!

@Logan_Whisman Alright-I respect that.

@HV9690 Yup my bad. I mix up airline codes sometiimes. Ironically I was reading a week ago about the weird airline codes on another forum and saw that the CA came from CAAC but completely forgot that 😂. Makes some sense tbh.

@B767fan Lol I’ve made mistakes here and in the real world. I’ve been screwing up a lot lately 😁 (Recently I mislabeled a crapton of photos on flickr a while back and had to do some tidying up before moving them into Groups).

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I used the wrong one.

AC is for Air Canada as in Air Canada

CA is for Air China as in it’s old name, the CAAC

Yes I just checked.

No one is always 100% right and I believe I fall into that category

Edit: I was talking about Air China. The real AC doesn’t have a retrojet to my knowledge (Shame shame shame AC)

I hate the Air China livery. @Boeing707 agreed 100%

Air Canada doesn’t have any special livery apart from star alliance as I know(correct me if I’m wrong)

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