More 737 Rework?

Hello Infinite Flight users, in this topic, I want to see what others think about the 737 and if there should be more rework. Even though the last aircraft update had the 737 reworked with split scimitars and wing flex, I feel like the 737 should have a little bit more work done to it. Maybe new live glass screens in the cockpit and realism textures for the cockpit of the 737. Maybe adding a cabin like the CRJ except with a First Class in the front and economy in the back. Also working active doors would be great as well. Overall I say better texture with realism of the real 737. What is your opinion and if you think the 737 needs rework, what should be reworked?

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I mean, IF has already said they will be reworking all the aircraft from the ground up sooner or later, so I guess we just have to wait a bit.


Highly doubtful considering it got a decent rework not long ago. And if you want more done with the 737 be sure to post in #features but do a quick search to make sure it’s not a duplicate:)

The 737 will be brought up to standard sooner or later…

Another rework of the 737 is not needed at this time.

We Need new Liverys my Friend

Voting for a full rework is the best option for now. Let’s see what the devs have in store for us once they wrap up OSH and then it’s all hands on deck again. :)