Moonshots throughout the month

I rarely use this livery, but Iberia moonshots just hit different for me, so here are my 3 best Iberia moonshots!

Server: Expert
Time: no idea
Route: EGLL to LEMD and KLAX to LEMD

My oldest and favorite moonshot :) This was taken while doing a long haul to LEMD from LAX
Crossing into Spain as the full moon glows above us. This was taken during my EGLL to LEMD flight last night.
Soaring into LEMD this was also taken on my EGLL to LEMD flight

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Which was the best

2 looks a little messed up :)


I like this, especially the first one. Keep it up!

Thank you good sir! Stay safe :)

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First one is actually pretty nice, keep it and for sure you’re going to take some better pics :)

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Incredible pictures :)

Excellent pictures!

Thanks mate, just got into editing

Thanks! Glad ya liked them :)

ThAnKs glad ya like them 🙃

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