Moonshots No.2

Made the second one because I didn’t know there was a limit on how much I could post in 1 topic. (Will be my last one for moonshots as well


I love that Peach A320!

It’s amazing both how good and bad the C17 can look!

Cheers and good spot (its blacked out on my screen)

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Cheers, a Know can’t wait in till it hopefully gets reworked

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Those first & last photos are amazing! 😍👏👏

How do you guys make the moon look so big?

Thanks man 🤜🏻

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Just the same as a normal moonshot just the further you move back you can zoom in more

Thanks. Is this on any camera? Is there some gesture to move back? I just know the gestures to zoom in and out (pinching the screen)

Just hold it and slide it down on your left side of your screen or that’s how I do it