Moonshots - LA's Finest

Ladies and gents! I am back for my SECOND ever #screenshots-and-videos post! I decided today with help from DeerCrusher’s helpful tutorial to do some Moonshots! I have recently got really into editing IF photos so, expect to see me around this category more! I really hope you enjoy and please do give any sort of feedback!

Server: Solo
Airport/Plane: KLAX/772
FPL/Flight Time: VFR/15 mins
Awesome Factor: 85

Without further ado let me present: LA’s Finest:



Thank you SO MUCH for looking at my photos today it really means a lot but… Just how good were they?


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Special thanks to @Suhas for all the awesome tips which I will be sure to use in he future! Have a awesome day everyone and as I said expect more in the future 😉


P-38: Fun in the Sun!


Sick photos!!!

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Appreciate it, thank you!

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AMAZING shots!

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Thanks, means a lot!

Oh god, beautiful photos!

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