Moonshots are lovely

I caught this when coming out of Abu Dhabi heading for Manchester. (Taken in replay)
Anyone else love moonshots?

Flight info:
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Airline: Etihad
Expert server
Started: 07:00Zulu
Finished: 14:30Zulu
Route: OMAA (AUH) - EGCC (MAN)
Flight time: 7 hours 30
Cruise alt: 38000ft
Cruise speed: 0.78M


Awesome shot mate, keep it up.

Ps, I love Moonshots.


Great shot during the day! I got one yesterday during my climb from Dublin (I’m now entering Australia after a stopover in Dubai. I thought I’d do it in live whilst I had the possibility, that’s why it’s not it’s own topic🤠


Thanks mate :)
Glad you like them 👍🏻


Wow 🤩
It looks amazing, the detail is insane.

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A cruise speed of 0.78 in a 787-10 🤔

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lol, wanted the flight to last a little longer

Makes sense I usually do the opposite and may speed a bit depending on the server. 🤫

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