Moonshot Tutorial

Thanks for this tutorial… 😍😍


Ive never been able to successfully create a moonshot even after this tutorial. Controlling the free cam is an issue for me. And I dont get how to manipulate the background and plane separately! :(

Thanks for this tutorial!!!

I did some editing to make the moon look slightly blue


how do i use the freecam because everytime i set freecam it doesnt stay with the aircraft

Are you doing it in replay mode? It is much easier that way.

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Be sure that you’re pausing the replay before you interact with the freecam. If you don’t, it’ll lose the aircraft.

You can use this as a reference.


I’m trying to jump on the bandwagon, but can’t seem to get a good photo. I’ll line it up in replay, take the shot, and then when I go to my photos the moon is off to the side. Any ideas?

I don’t ever move the freecam when taking the photo.


This helped another user the other day.

That’s still somewhat unclear…

I just have to move the time back and forth?

Yes move the time forward then back to the position you want.

I think I’ve got it!


I’ve noticed that in order to use the high res photo shot you need to move the moon out of the shot, for my pics so far I have to move it below the aircraft in order to have the high res shot show the moon.

At first I thought the moon just wasn’t rendering when you take the shot, then one time I zoomed out a bit so the moon and plane were small, took the shot and noticed that in the high res shot the moons location had changed.

Is this a bug?

Thanks DeerCrusher😄


This has been up by multiple others recently. Hopefully the devs are looking into it.

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One of the best tutorials around here. Managed to get some incredible shots with this! Thanks Deer. 😀


I like the touch of contrails. 👌🏼


@DeerCrusher how do you open the photo mode on replays? Where you zoom in

It isn’t “photo mode”, it’s freecam.
Basically you pause the replay, turn on freeplay (the option next to “scenic” option)
After that you go back and zoom in on the aircraft

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And in case you don’t know where “freecam” is:

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How do you make the background bigger