Moonshot Tutorial

Moonshot Tutorial

I think we all can agree on one thing when it comes to Infinite Flight and that’d be our experiences that we have when we’re enjoying this gorgeous flight sim. When global was first released back in October of 2017 folks were flying their favorite routes all across the world. From their home town to their dream vacation destination the world was literally in our hands.

Global then opened up new possibilities for unique and absolutely stunning photos of things that are out of this world… literally. The moon has captured a ton of attention to those that love Infinite Flight I personally have seen many wonderful photos. I created a short video which never really got its own tutorial topic and it appears some folks have started grasp how to take these breathtaking photos. I figured it’d be nice to give a few tips regarding how to take these beautiful photos for those who do not know how to take them or for those who look to improve their screenshot skills.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use solo mode. This will allow you to pause your flight and change the time and weather to get an optimum balance of light and moon visibility.

  • Use freecam to move the camera away from the aircraft. You’ll want to zoom in on the back ground while keeping the aircraft (foreground) still somewhat small. see video below

  • Climb to an altitude where ozone and atmospheric particles won’t affect the quality of your shot. I’ve found that FL290 is a good altitude. Going higher will likely improve your photo but keep in mind the position of the moon and where its located.

  • Using the Full Moon Calender located here, find the location and time that would give you the greatest possibility of seeing the moon. Knowing the phases of the moon, when and where it will be for the location that you’re trying to take the photo will be extremely helpful.

  • To get you started spawn at (PHNL) on October 06, 2017 and set the local time to 18:32 or 07:08. You will see the moon in daylight with a decent amount of the moon showing.


Moonshot suggestions is a place for fellow regulars to contribute information regarding specifics for others to take photos. Please follow the format within the drop down.
- For those who are not a TL3/Regular member, if you have a suggestion please privately message a regular to add it in.

Moonshot Suggestions
  • Aircraft: Boeing 787 (Infinite Flight)
  • Location: Honolulu, HI (PHNL)
  • Altitude: FL350
  • Date/Time Setting: October 6, 2017 / 18:32 or 07:08

I have made this tutorial a Wiki for those regulars to add additional tips as well.

Best of luck and enjoy! Can’t wait to see what you guys are able to create.

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This is so helpful. Thanks for making this tutorial!

Can’t wait for live replay in pilot mode where we could do this with other aircraft… 😏


Superb job Deer!


Thanks Deer! Bookmarked :)


Thanks for the tutorial! Definitely answers a lot of questions pilots may have when wanting that beautiful shot!


Awesome post, thanks! Got some cool shots and a phone wallpaper or two!


Awesome Tutorial! Finally got answered how to make this beautiful picture…

Very nice tutorial @DeerCrusher much obliged! Below is my first attempt on a moon shot with my favourite bird…


Sharing is caring ! 😊👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Love the tutorial 👌🏽

Amazing content, you should create more tutorials!

Thanks @DeerCrusher!


Thanks @DeerCrusher, this has helped me take my first moonshot!

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Sweet! Glad it was helpful. Can’t wait to see your screenshots some time. 🤓


This was what i got in my first moonshot
Thanks @DeerCrusher


Still no luck

Always wondered how people do this, thanks for the tutorial!



This is new for me… Thanks for the tutorial, gonna try it later on my free time.

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This is what I got, thanks @DeerCrusher
How can I make the moon bigger?


To make the moon bigger just slide back from the aircraft more then zoom in farther to the aircraft again and the moon will be bigger like in my picture below.