Moonshot over Tampa, Florida

Hey Guys
I posted a picture of my first Moonshot yesterday in an Air Canada 787 over the Vancouver mountains. AirForce1 suggested to do one over Tampa in a Southwest 737-8. I couldn’t really get the moon and the Southwest livery to be shown clearly so please zoom in and ig you can faintly get to see the livery. Also when I zoom in, the land isn’t really shown, but I promise I took it over Tampa.

Boeing 737-8


It is NOT edited because I feel these kind of photos have their own beauty. Do you think I should edit? I think I’ll post a non edited vs edited topic soon.

Thanks to @AirForce1 for the wonderful idea. I had a lot of fun doing this


Looks great!

Stunning without editing!

You should make it your Profile Picture

Alright, I’ll give it a try!

New PFP looks great!

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Such a beautiful shot!

Thank you very much