Moonshot help

Can anyone suggest me an airport and runway along with time frame to capture a moonshot of an airplane taking off during the daylight so aircraft is visible.

I’ll need ICAO code of that airport , time if the day along with date & runway number.

Can’t give you any information, just change time to night, figure out direction of moon so you can fly the right heading for photo. Then adjust time to get the moon in the right spot.

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Yes but at night the plane is completely dark !! I don’t wanna shoot silhouette, I want the plane visible so looking for time when moon is visible in the day just pass the horizon !!

Oh, a daytime moonshot?

Yup a daytime moonshot

Oh, well then I have no experience but you could still use the same method just a little bit more difficult probably

Yep…figured that out but still tricky to shoot !!

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Have you tried reading through Deer’s Moonshot tutorial?

Yes I have read that already quite a long time ago !!

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