Moonshot help

When I take a moonshot, I don’t see the moon.

What should I do?

The moon should be there

Have you tried the things listed here?

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Yes, that’s not the problem. When I take the pic, i don’t see moon

That’s where timing comes into play, adjust your time to where the moon would be away in one direction or the other, and take as many attempts as needed.

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I do that, the moon should be behind the airplane

If you want a good date, we just had a full moon the other day:

July 5th, 2020. Make sure that it’s at night too

Again, play around with the time some more.

I also find that you are able to get a better view of the moon if you fly to more northern latitudes. Have you tried this?

Pretty he has no trouble finding the moon itself.

Ohh, that’s interesting… Make sure to change the date. We just had a full moon on July 5, 2020, so you shouldn’t be able to see it now

This issue occurs because in replay, the time never pauses when the game does. This is completely known and by design for now. By the time you pause the game and get the camera situated; the moon has moved from its original location! To fix it, just move the time back a bit and just play with it until you get the shot perfectly timed! Annoying? Yes… But until the Infinite Flight Team finds a better way to run time in replays, this will be the case

Best of luck! Can’t wait to see these screenshots! :)


I’m recording a video

Sometimes (almost all the time) looks like this

Yup. See my reply above.

On your screen the time looks to be paused… But it’s not.

Try to change the time back and fourth (to reset the time back) and then quickly hit the screenshot button

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