Moonglow / Night Light button without the moon in the settings feature

This is just a simple setting I am suggesting as we know currently night flying can be quite dark. Especially for landings and taxi ways. Just a simple feature in the settings that can provide moonlight or a moon glow essence in the settings menu with or without the moon. And without having to change current time in settings so we can see. Giving the ambience of the lighting without the moon . A feature that would be in the settings menu if this is even possible for night flying since it is hard to see when the moon is not present . And I know that we have the option to go back on certain dates of time , however an option in the settings to have the glow and ambient lighting with a touch of a button would be great like I said if possible as I know our devices can only take so much. As stated I don’t know if such a button can be implemented I am not a developer . I don’t know how it would affect the simulator in terms of performance , or if this was perhaps thought up of or tried. But if one could be, I think it would be very helpful for night flying as an option . Thank You for reading …


When I put my device on max hrigjtj as it’s plenty bright for me.

I have all my deviceson max too with the brightness. the feature I am suggesting is a boost button for the lighting in the evening like how the moon is , but without the moon .

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having it be night? Or at the very least, it negates the coding for accurate moon and star brightness. I don’t think the Devs will go for this since it would detract from realism. Like @Kevin_Potthast said, turning up the brightness, and waiting for a light rework are the best options.

Edit: When I taxi, I tend to turn the time to day/dawn, and revert to real time during cruise

The feature would be a quick simple press in lighting scenarios . I have taxi many times and have found zero orientation, a quick nightlight would help even if it is a temporary solution until we have the lights which I know FDS has had issues with it

Do you mean if it’s too dark in the inside of the plane, or on the ground?

If you mean the ground, then I would just wait for city lights.
But if you mean the interior of the plane, then I would just request interior flourscent lights.

We already have lunar effects ,when the moon is bright the night tends to be pretty bright but when the moon is dark we have a hard to see night

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