Moon won’t appear in pictures

Hello everyone!

I have searched around the IFC for a similar topic but i couldn’t find one.

So whenever I try to take a moonshot, the moon won’t appear the photo in my camera roll. I use the built in IF screenshotter.

Btw I am on beta but pretty sure this is not related to beta.

In Infinite Flight

In camera roll

Any solutions?

Check in these topics for the reason why it’s not showing in the pictures. This is a KNOWN issue though.


Uhh well that’s annoying.

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@tunamkol Sometimes it is due to over zoom on the moon… Try to zoom out a little bit… Hope this helps :)

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It does work when I zoom out but then you can barely see the moon.

This can be Closed now. It seems like I won’t be able to take my moonshots till this is fixed 😒

I just set the time I want, then get the angle i’d like, then reset the time to the same time I had set previously.


Yay! That worked @Kamryn thank you so much 😃