Moon Vanishing Before Sunrise

Hello, I’m here to ask if the following thing is an issue and if it’s been noted:

While trying to take some shots, I fancied placing the moon in one of them, but I realised that it wouldn’t appear anywhere at a time close to sunrise. After some tests I saw that it was vanishing before the sun came out / or below a certain “height”. Here’s a Drive folder containing visual support which hopefully will make the situation more understandable.

Desired solution: Moon being shown at daytime

Device: iPad (7th Generation)
Operating system: iOS, V15.4

Infinite Flight 22.2

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This is very weird hopefully the devs will check this out

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Yup, people might think it’s not an important problem but it actually stop photographers from taking sunlight moonshots, which is not fun 🤷🏻‍♂️

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