Moon Shot Thread

Since I love taking moonshots, I was thinking I could make a thread for them.
This thread would be for the best moon shots you took.

I thought this topic could be a good idea, but if it isn’t a good idea, i’m sorry, and feel free to delete / flag it.

Thank you.

Please tell me if I did mistakes making this topic.

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I think we should keep all infinite flight-related photos on the infinite flight photos thread.

Oh, sorry…

They are. They are Moon Shots taken in IF

I know, they’re related to infinite flight and therefore should be on the infinite flight photos thread.

Some really good moon shots! However, obviously keep photos to the photo thread. I’d love to see more there!

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So should I flag this topic or let it be?

Go ahead and flag it, it’ll alert the mods quicker :)

Please post those stunning moon shots in the thread below! Let’s try to keep all Infinite Flight related photos in one thread.