Moon Shot Compilation

Hey Everyone!
Here are some Moon Shots I’ve taken! All of these shots are taken at different locations around the world with all different airlines and aircraft!

Alaska Airlines A320 image Southwest 737

Etihad 777 American Airlines 787 Lufthansa CRJ 900
I think Moon Shots are super fun to take! If you have never tried it before, try it! It has a really cool turnout!
Thanks for viewing this compilation!


Real nice pictures!

Quick question, how do you get such detailed moons like that, all I have is that white/black sphere in the sky which isn’t even aligned.

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It’s all about freecam, and if you get far away from the aircraft, and zoom in it become bigger in the background.

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Ah, okay. I think I understand (not really)

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It’s a bit of an art, I’m having a hard time putting it into words, I’m sure there are many better people than me, but practice is the only thing that will get you amazing photos like that…

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