Moon Placement Issue

The moon seems to be jumping around on me in Infinite flight at KJFK. I think there is only supposed to be one moon, I am aware it is supposed to be a blood moon.

Well, Infinite Flight does not have “blood moons” in the game, but the bouncing around could be a bug.

You might also want to check your speed and N1 :)

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What your seeing is in fact a blood moon lol. Dont mind the speed, I was helping sombody else on another support topic regarding overspending and this was on solo 😊

Its hard to see exactly what you mean from the pictures but It appears that as you’re in real time as the flight is progressing the sun is setting and the moon is rising. This is why you are seeing the sun and moon in different places as they are rising/setting.


Allow me to explain further, firstly the moon doesn’t move that quick, secondly this is happening rather quickly, within a few seconds it jumps back and forth.

Infinite Flight does not have eclipse system. This bright orange moon is caused by the atmosphere on the horizon which make it more bigger, orange. Another reason is because perigee. At this time, the moon is bigger and brighter.

Your aircraft may be climbing or descending which cause to the moon and the sun change quickly.

Have tried to replicate this after a device restart this is most likely just a bug

What specifically are you pointing at? the dark circle when looking at the sun?

So the moon is changing positions within the space of a few seconds?

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My pitch angle is about 14 degrees above the horizon, and am inbetween the sun and the moon.

The left side of your plane is the moon, the right side is the sun. The dark circle you see is the graphics of the rendered sun. It looks like this from time to time depending on the time and device.

The positions are correct but will most likely not be accurate enough to replicate an eclipse.

The moon and sun are not always at exact opposites which is what you are seeing. They will not start to line up until 9:36pm EST when the eclipse starts.


Ok. It’s not a big deal, I will probally try and restart my device. I didn’t even notice the circle in the sun but I was curious that the moon was higher and lower and going back and forth that way through out the flight 😊

It may just be my camera angle too, though I have never recognized this happening before.

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