Moon on background

Hello guys i really can’t find a thread that answers my question but how to toake picture with the moon shining bright on the background?

Use the freecam.
@Nate_Schneller is a pro at this

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I mean the plane with the moon in the background

If you know how to zoom in with Freecam, you’ll get it good. First, find the moon. Second, put the plane in front of it. Next, move away from the plane, as far as possible, but keep it in front of the moon… Finally, zoom in and take a shot. 👍🏻


Had to dig this one out from archives. Here’s a video version that I made December 2017 shortly after global came out. This is doing what Nate said but in a visual format.


This is a must have skill for anyone who wants to take good IF pictures…

Wow. I’ve always wondered how you guys did this. Lol. I thought you were orbiting the moon🤗

Wow, that was a great tutorial. Going to have to try this right now.

Felt like I was at a funeral with those tunes in the background! Should have used some Beethoven or Mozart Deer! Heck even Space Odyssey 🚀 🌙


It was actually from the movie “Bridge of Spies”.

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Thank you for your help