Moon fix in the future?

Are there plans to address the issues with the moon in future updates? It still appears in broken/misaligned segments in some screenshots, changes color, or just disappears (not due to the time).

YouTube link with an example of the moon swinging around and changing position as the camera is adjusted, and some screen captures.

Devs are aware and working on it /s

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Thanks for the info. đź‘Ť

I don’t think we recognize this as an issue. So not sure where this information comes from? :)

To my knowledge, when you’re getting segmented/misaligned moon screenshots… The camera is in motion when the screenshot is taken. The camera needs to be still.

What’s shown on your video is not something I’ve thought of before, but I’ve pinged an individual smarter than me to enlighten us on that. Pretty sure there’s a reasonable explanation to it :)


When those screenshots were taken the camera was stationary, and the replay was paused. I don’t have a video of this, but there are also times when the moon disappears completely sometimes by just tilting the camera, or it completely changes color.

I saw your video, it seems like that’s an effect of the “fisheye” nature of the camera view that you’re in, going by the shape of the “layers” of the sky.

About the broken moon…well, that’s strange to say the least. Hope the issue can be found.

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