Moon changes color depending on zoom and camera position

I’m currently flying a 787-10 over Ireland and noticed this strange bug in which the moon changes color depending on the amount of zoom and also the position of the camera.

With no zoom it has an orange (bronze) color
If I zoom in completely it becomes white, but changes to bronze again if I move the camera to the sides
Sometimes it also goes to a red-ish color as you can see in the pictures below

(Sorry for the bad quality. I took the pics with my phone because usually my IF crashes when I take screenshots midflight)

Also, it happens on the cockpit, outside (tail, wings, etc.) and drone cameras, but not in the normal.

Does anyone know why does this happen?

Im not pretty sure why, but i think is because the program is setted to paint all the objects to orange when sunrise , and when you zoom the app process that u are already in night because there’s no color apart from dark blue, so it paints the moon white.

probably not since it was already full night

the local time was 3AM if I’m not mistaken

Most likely something to do with the rendering of the moon idk

I got this in normal camera view
It might be something to do with the angle idk

That’s weird
I tried all possible angles in the normal view while I was flying and it didn’t happen

I think it’s something to do with the position of the moon instead

Could be the position of the moon relative to how you are looking at it in normal view

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