Moon and Sun

Loving the effects of each. No problem there. But I’d like to see them to scale, or at least a bit closer, and also maybe have the moonshine mimic the phase the moon is in. Meaning more shine when full and less when just a crescent. Just a few suggestions.

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I mean different crescents reflect different types of “shine” off the sun!

They are realistic so if you fly in New York on Dec 21st then the sun will be closest to you. The moon phases are sort of there (Half of the moon will get darker)

I know couldn’t put it there.

Too small in he sky they need to be a bit larger

The moon and sun are the same size for us because of their distance away. Hence why eclipses are special.

The sim does show a dimmer moon opposite of full moon days.


Not really a Feature Request to be honest @Ryan_Vidad


But that size is a bit off scale js it’s not a biggie but loses some realism.

You’re in luck! This is already implemented. You’ll just need to mess around with the months/day and the time of night to see the moon to shine and reflect on various parts of the aircraft.


I mean the moon is bigger than that in my sky when I step outside lol

Because what you are seeing is an optical illusion:

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When there is a super moon in real life… for example a week back, the moon will be huge in IF, I think I have a picture ;)


Yep… Its all about optical illusions. What your eye sees then in a game and in an aircraft is very different.

The distance difference from any of these camera views would be neglible just like here on Earth. I know about the effect of it looking bigger near an object and smaller when it’s high above and there is no other object to gauge it’s scale. Now look at the moon outside in real life and pick out a crater or the dark patches against it’s overall size and you’ll see there just too small. Just a observation guys that’s all :) And all times of day etc. The sun is larger too. It’s all good. If it’s just me, it’s just me. Lol

No it won’t look huge, it will look 13% larger

Shouldn’t this go in #features?

As @Chief305 had mentioned this really isn’t a features request as this is a small minor oppinion on Michaels behalf.

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The moon and sun are the exact same size they’d be in real life, they’re perfectly mimiced. Changing them would make it unrealistic