Moon acting weird

im at LEPA and the moon is acting like an eclipse.

im 90 percent sure that IF does not have eclipses in the game

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Well That’s Actually cool tbh but to fix it try restarting your app i guess


Hello @FlyIf_0011IFPA, what, specifically is the issue you have at the moment? Is it the ‘black’ colouring on the moon? Or something else?

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black colouring

For me, currently also in the Northern Hemisphere, the moon looks as it always does. Could you try changing the time to see if that fixes it?

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i have shifted the time a little bit and it appears to look similar to jupiter, with 3 large stripes

Could you maybe share another screenshot?

Check out the above topic. It describes an issue that is similar to what you are currently experiencing. Matt’s reply at the bottom shows that the developers are aware of the issue, but perhaps this may be a new bug. For now, in an attempt to resolve this, restart your device at the end of the flight.

Since when can we see Jupiter on IF? Btw, i see you at LEPA

i was describing it 😂

lol true haha

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Its Probably the Anti Analiasing

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