Moody Meet Up - Volume One @ KVAD - 122000ZMAY18 (Completed)

Okay! I’ll change it!

We are still in need of ground and tower facilities for this event! We need to filter the traffic out of KVAD and around back!

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To whom it may concern… l just found that our host has been temporarily suspended from the community… so l guess we should either call this event off or reschedule it for a future date… unless someone else here would like to intercede and take his place !!!

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Ah, man. Good choice!

I feel like I’m obligated to man the tower for this! Maybe I can drag @THE-OP along. 😎


I forgot where your home base was… l read that KLRF is the primary C-130 base now not KVAD… l will trust your judgement !!!

Not necessarily a “primary base”, just a different mission. We do combat search and rescue so our J models serve that purpose. You’ll find 130s all over the Air Force but LRF is the 130 training base.

Fun Fact: OP was actually a controller at both. The man can’t escape the 130s!


Happy upcoming bday…l will give you a present by staying off expert as much as l can… @Tim_B has enough headaches lately with all the deviant pushbackers and other assorted runway miscreants !!!

If there is a new host… l will still try to be there… but wifi lag and expert with IFATC do not mix well…will have a case of Pepto Bismol with me … plenty of room in the C-130 for it !!!

Hey I got a card like that too!

And the coast guard flies them down here… see them still almost daily… 😔

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The event is still a week a way… l am going on a well deserved vacay to Tahiti and Bora Bora tomorrow …virtually anyway…for the Caravan parade …so you all decide if you want to reschedule it …t&gs with a C-130 ain’t like it is with a C-208 …like turning a whale around…but l have watched them do night vision training from KDOV to KSBY …so l think l can manage !!!

Just an observation…that guy in the pic on the left …with the almost handlebar mustache…looks like he probably might have been the tower and ground controller for Orville and Wilbur Wright !!!

That is Orville and Wilbur Wright… 🧐


It will still go on…if the irl controller at KVAD prefers that it does…don’t argue with the ump !!!

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I’m not arguing at all, just usually when an event creator is suspended the event is closed. That’s all 😊

EDIT: and I see you posted he was suspended also, I’ll delete my previous comment and let the mods decide on this. @Recxx

The educational system of today still has not taught people how to READ yet…unfortunately …so why don’t you take a few min to backtrack through the previous posts…analyze them…and then give your next response !!!

So sorry my event didn’t go as planned, and it’s my fault, so I will try and be better and plan more events for you guys.


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