Moody Meet Up - Volume One @ KVAD - 122000ZMAY18 (Completed)

Hey guys! I am hosting a Moody Meet Up at Moody Air Force Base! The event will be held May 12th, from 2000Z - 2200Z, on the Training Server. All participants are required to operate the Moody AFB C130-J. If you’d like to participate, request a gate, and include your callsign, please!

Server: Training

Airport: KVAD (Moody Air Force Base)

Time: *2000Z - 2200Z (1600EDT - 1800EDT, 1300PDT - 1500PDT)

NOTAM: All aircraft are responsible for any violations received. All aircraft should spawn in ten minutes before start time. As of April 30th, expected departure runway is 18R. This info is subject to change. If you’d like to reserve a gate, please notify me one week before the event starts.


C1: @B3ASTMOD3X - B3AST - Event Leader
C2: @Dommo209 - DNKYKONG
C3: @CaptAwesomeAaron - Air Force 221
C4: @F22 - dongkong
C15: @Recxx - Air Force 451



Departure and Approach not necessary.

Hope to see you at my event!



Put me in way down at #15 so if you have a big crowd and l can’t make it…there will be plenty of space for everyone else …also you did not define what activities the pilots will be doing …patterns …t&gs …etc…and do you plan to have ATC at Dover AFB !!!

I don’t have everything ready, but I plan do to patterns.

And thanks for joining!

If you have ATC there… t&gs can take a little more skill…esp on a windy day …glad you are not on expert…l plan to be practicing with the IFAEGAF soon in the C-130 !!!

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Love It! I like how you utilized the Moody AFB Livery! Sign Me Up!

I will try to come! This sounds like it will be great!

Oh! And my callsign will be DNKYONG

Okay! I’m assigning you to gate C2! Thanks for joining!

We need tower and ground facilities to control air and ground traffic! Come and join!

I can just make it! Sign me up for gate C3,
Air Force 221 is my callsign

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Thanks for joining! Hope to see you at the event!

Hey @Recxx, what will your callsign be?

Anything with a 451 after it !!!

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Thanks! I hope I can make it! (99% chance can)

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Could I have gate C4 please

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Sure! Thanks for joining!

My callsign is dongkong

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Okay! Thanks for letting me know!

I put down your callsign as Air Force 451, is that alright with you?

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Sorry, My mistake: Callsign will be DNKYKONG

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