Montserrat face-to-face in Barcelona


As you all might not actually know, Montserrat is not ONLY a Microsoft Word font. Montserrat is also a mountain located on the outskirts of Barcelona. It can be easily seen when wheather is clear from Barcelona El Prat Airport. I was lucky enough to find a spot near 24L’s threshold where departures were taking place this morning, September 1st 2022.

Let’s cut the talk and off to the pictures.

Beautiful Vueling A321 still wearing the LEVEL livery departing to London Gatwick.
Now you can see what the Montserrat looks like

Second picture today is an Iberia A321 bound for Madrid.
We can definitely appreciate the CFM engines in this shot.

I know this 3rd picture will make some people happy! A Singapore Airlines A350-900 lining up on 24L with its nose wheel facing right towards the runway. This GORGEOUS BEAST really stands out in this shot!
This Airbus Heavy was bound for Milan before heading back to Singapore.

You might not see anything special on this picture, but this livery in my favourite Vueling special livery. You’ll get to see the full fuselage on the second topic I’ll make for this session… The Love Barcelona livery holding short in front of a Barcelona icon makes this shot rather special! This A320 was on its way to Split.

Another Airbus heavy departing Barcelona, Delta’s A330-300 about to line up before a flight to Atlanta!
You can’t imagine the fantastic sound it makes when its engines spool up before setting Take-Off power.

After the Airbus heavies, it is time for the Boeing Heavies! Stunning 777-200LR from Emirates prior to departing to Mexico City!

After the GE90 beast that took off and tiny Air Serbia A319 lined up with my camera while an A321 was departing.

I did explicitly said Boeing HEAVIES… Indeed! This United 777-200ER still wearing its old paint job was in the perfect alignment of my camera and the Montserrat. A few seconds later, the 777 departed for a transatlantic flight to Newark.

I really enjoy seeing the FLYR livery, it is really sober, it doesn’t have crazy colours and that’s why I like it!
This 737-MAX8 was about to take-off to Oslo Gardermoen.

And to wrap up today’s planespotting topic with my favourite aircraft, an absolutely gorgeous shot of this 787-8 from American Airlines → Destination: Chicago O’Hare.

Camera Gear: Canon 450D
All pictures are mine and taken by myself, asking for a repost or reuse is greatly appreciated

I hope you’ve enjoyed the 10 pictures of this topic and see you soon for part 2.


Mathurin Garcier


Burk pictures 🤢

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Very cool pictures @Mathurin_Garcier! I feel like Barcelona is an underrated airport for plane spotting


Agreed! BCN is 100% a planespotting friendly airport!
There are towers dedicated to planespotting! And it’s got a great variety of aircraft (if you chose your time right lol)

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It’s a joke (lol) so your pictures are beautiful and I love you euhhh no I love the picture

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Nice picutres man, awesome work there!

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Thanks Baptiste !

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Nice shots 😍, thanks for sharing this!

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I had no idea that you are from Barcelona too!!

And 100% with you, LEBL is a great place for sppoters😁


I kinda wanted to see this sides of the plane

Jk great shots!

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Did you mean… THE BEST ?

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Thanks for your kind words!

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Lovely shots! The American 787 is my favorite one! :D

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Is that your job ? Like a pro

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Hahaha I wish it was! Tho it being a hobby still remains tons of fun every now and then

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nice pics!!

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Thank you so much!

Beautiful shots! Barcelona seems great for plane spotting, interesting traffic :)

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It really is amazing, as for the traffic just to say in two days we’ve had 1 Lufthansa 747, one Bahrain Government 747 and 767-400.

Always good fun!

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Oh wow amazing ! Enjoy !

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