Monthly Live+

A new multiplayer option to buy one month online with all plane’s for like 8euros… it will be more atteractive to people I think and also for me.!


That would be a very Nice idea but I think it is better to do 7,50€

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Yeah something like that it would be more atteractive for people (also me) because I can’t pay 55 euros with my phone

Totally agree with you! I would definitely do that.

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Great suggestion for those as a middle ground between getting Live and Live + ! :-)


Curious here - you guys would prefer something like this?
Bear in mind that with Live+, the overall cost for 12 months is lower compared to paying standard monthly. If a Live+ Monthly option were to exist, you’d be paying a fair amount more for the same product…


You should make it as a separate option if you do I will still stay with live+ annually though

Yeah the only benefit of the monthly one would be that you don’t have to pay $50 all at once, and if you need to you can stop paying it.


But 55 at once is too much for on my phone… and 7.50 is much better and profitable for you guys!

When you say to your father: Dad, I have spent 7,50€ on Infinite Flight this month is easier to say than: Dad, I have spent 50€ on Infinite Flight 😂

Very good idea! :)


You get me!!! This is whar I mean!!!

Would you like to see a monthly Live+ option in the future?

  • Yes
  • No

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OK, I see your point, but not in the long term… (by the way, I’ll clarify that I don’t work for FDS) :)

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If I ask my dad to buy multiplayer for 55 euros he’ll say no but 7.5 a month he will agree… and it’s more reachable for people!

I really like this idea

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I hope they’ll add this so fast as posible then I will buy it every month!

You would have to pay more than £3.99 a month because you’re getting more features so if people actually do the math and add it all up they’ll realise it’s better to spend 39 squid on Live+

I want it otherwise I can’t buy multiplayer… and it’s more profitable for everyone I think

I think a 3-month option for a tenner maybe would be good.


Exactly my mum and dad said no to live plus and that I had to get it monthly then I explained the maths and then they agreed to live+