Monthly IF Challenge @KSFO - 242000ZJAN16

Server: Freeflight

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: In this event, we will have to fly one of the hardest AutoPilot-Controllable aircraft on IF…the 717. We will have to takeoff from KSCK RWY29R and land SAFELY in KSFO RWY19L. All attendees HAVE TO copy my FPL. Next challenge is on February 28, where we’ll be flying the 737-700 to KJFK from KEWR.

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Anyone joining?

Sorry, the timing doesn’t suit me. Good luck!

I could still change it. No one is coming yet anyway

[quote=“JFKPlaneSpotter101, post:1, topic:21200”]
[/quote]KSCK* We are not in Switzerland

No 12L in KSFO…

Cant attend btw, too late.


Ok, thank you. I couldn’t see the Rwy number because of the WPTs

I like the 717! If I’ll be able to join is not sure tho. Will be last minute deciding.

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But you have to handle it with only AutoPilot

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I got that yeah. :D Challenge accepted.

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I will try

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Not sure. :/ i hate that plane
I’ll keep in mind

That’s why it’s a challenge

Could you pass me the flight plan? I can try the route with the 717 without Live.

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