Monthly Flyout Series: My Plan

Hey everybody, so I am going to be doing monthly flyouts, mainly my favorite airports. The airports that I chose are going to be some underserved ones, but with a decent amount of gates. And then, for my scheduled KSFO flyout on November 30, is the one that isn’t underserved. The October flyout will come out shortly, maybe tonight, or sometime this week. It all depends on how much time I have each day. Also in November, I may make a flyout before the KSFO flyout.

Here is my KSFO Flyout: Check it out or even sign up, this will be hopefully a big event.


Hey there!
Looks cool. I might join the SFO flyout if I have time. I think this belongs in #live though but I’m not sure.


Looks like this is the new trend!


Ok! Will add that to live @Aviation-21.

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