Monthly Design Competition! | January Competition

Welcome to the first Monthly Design Competition (MDC), here you are able to show your creativity and passion for aviation all at once.

This is the new thread as the old one was closed

This competition will take place every month and a new theme every month. It allows IFC members to be recognized for their skill in art, and not have their art lost in huge threads. Prizes aren’t attractive, but they are bragging rights and a place in where the artists and their art can be publicly recognized, on this thread here!

The Judges are here to choose and decide the winner of the month!


Current Theme/Topic:
We’ll start with a basic topic and something we all love, screenshots. They remind us of our achievements and the beauty of flight. And of course, your picture will have to incorporate flight and why us IFC members love aviation. You are allowed to use editors but not overly dramatically, as we want to show aviation’s natural beauty.

Due Date:
February 4th, 2018

Please submit your FINAL screenshots Here

Are you going to send in a screenshot?

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I’m quit happy of my photoshoping, but is it maybe too much for this competition? I can send an unedited one if it’s a problem…


A little bit, but if you send that in via the application link, we’ll consider it

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there isn’t an I don’t know option

Erm… Is this supposed to be drawings or Photoshop? One of these is art, one isn’t…

Where do I apply to be a judge? Is it a tad bit too late to apply?

@Ryan2, yes there was I forgot

@Kirito_77, I’m changing errors now

@Delta_Alpha_Lima DM me and we can have a chat

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