Monthly adding-liveries

I am requesting a change when it comes to adding liveries to this sim.
Every week we see more and more livery-requests, requested here on the forum. Right now there are probably 50+ liveries that have been requsted, but not added yet.
As great as it is to show support and vote for new liveries, it feels kind of de-motivating to vote for them, because you just don’t know when/if they will be added. Last year we saw a surprise-livery update involving the Airbus A320( Peachair, WOW…) and my request would be to have updates like this monthly. Add 2-4 liveries each month based on the most voted ones, and That would be great!
If it doesnt work, then okay! You are very busy so i totally understand if its not possible. I love the work that IF-team do, and it would be even cooler if we could see new liveries added more often!

Sincerely it would be really great but I think it’s not so easy that can believe to create a livery of a plane after I’m not a graphic artist so I do not know … But 1-2 livery by law these clear it would be great! But if the team could, they would have done so for a long time. To have… 🤷‍♂️

You might be right… Would love to hear an opinion from someone in the staff about that. As stated, if its to much work, then ill forget this request :)

As much as I’m sure everyone would love this we also have to think why we don’t have this occurring present day. The team is small and I’m sure if they could they would add liveries constantly or monthly. I’m sure they would love this happening too but I would of thought this would of happened by now if this was capable and they would of made this possible but it’s not happening for a reason and we have to keep that in mind.

I love this idea! Aegean A320 here we come!

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Thanks for the support!

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You might be right. Still i would love to hear from a mod/dev about this. Adding 1-2 liveries each month can’t really be that hard? Or maybe it is? I dont know…


I’m sure if they can they would do it. The team is small but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

I believe that @jarno80 is the one who makes the liveries, but they also make the 3D models, so maybe they can clear up how hard adding liveries is and how long they take to make etc.

This seems like a good idea, but adding them every update just seems more efficient to me. As you said, 2 to 4 liveries can be sent every month, but as updates don’t usually follow specific times. I think liveries can be added every update and we could receive more liveries. The 3D artists are always busy working on something alongside liveries, it might be hard to constantly track liveries every month, so shipping them with updates will put less pressure on them. Just my $0.02, I guess.

That is a good point. However updates doesnt come every day, so it would be nice to have something to look forward to every month as well! :) + the new liveries included in the updates usually is from the new aircraft added, and not from the already existing ones.

I agree with this. It will help increase realism in infinite flight. While the devs are doing a great job with 3D modeling of new aircraft, I feel infinite flight is lacking in staying up to date with real world livery changes. For example when an airline changes their livery and starts repainting planes, and Infinite flight hasn’t added the livery, all my IF flights with that airline are using the old livery and feel unrealistic. If every month IF updates some liveries to stay up to date with real world changes it will greatly increase realism.

Iam a big fan
If anyone wants to help me I wld make a post of all the major livery’s we’re missing on planes and maybe the devs can add them one by one

I would not suggest doing that unless the devs agree to this idea. This may annoy them and never get us the liveries that we want


Absolutely. If the devs can’t do this, then okay. I’m fine with that!
However adding 1-2 liveries each month should be possible.