Monthly added liveries

I was thinking that the 3D artists working for FDS could maybe create a few liveries (like 1,2 or 3) and have them in the game monthly just like IFAE updates!

I think it could make liveries to come to the game a little bit faster.

The team has a development path and plan they follow. It is this way for a reason. Liveries take time away from other projects.


So u mean have a team of volunteers to work on liveries?

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There could be an IFLT (Infinite Flight Livery Team) similar to the IFAET.

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No, but have the 3d artists maybe make a few liveries, not too much, and have them added month by month.

Liveries are added when available. In contrary to what many believe, there’s much more for our artists to work on than just liveries.