Montenegro Airlines E190

One of the liveries i instantly think of while thinking of E190 is Montenegro Airlines. An airline that ceased operations in 2020 due to debt but they still fly but with a different name but almost the same plane design, this is a permanent livery for an airline that ceased operations so its allowed to ask for it. Montenegro Airlines fleet is consisted of E195 and E190, so lets keep the votes coming for this livery to be added when E190 gets reworked.
And we have seen that Tivat which is a popular Monetengro Airlines destination is going to be 3D in updates to come. Thank you all

Sources: File:Embraer 190-200LR, Montenegro Airlines JP7180119.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Which one of the 2 (pics) are you requesting ?

Nvm it’s 4O-AOD (E190), so it’s better to remove the 4O-AOB pic which is E195, I guess.
I like this livery.

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@Rastko_Roza your request has two livery’s there only supposed to be one this should help you make a better request in #features #livery hop to see this livery in the simulator!

How to make a #features #livery

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Yea, i realised i deleted one of them :)

Ok, did that thanks

You have my vote.


Thanks, lets keep them coming for this beautiful livery :)

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Da, hehe. I hope AirSerbia will join Infinite Flight :)

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Hehe :), me too!

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You have my vote as well! Air Montenegro livery will also be good to have in the game as well as Air Serbia A319 and A320.

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Yes, thank you ;)

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With the newest addition of Tivat in 3D and Montenegro airlines flying a lot to Tivat i hope this livery stands a chance on E190!!