Montego Bay Planespotting

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Welcome to my Montego Bay Planespotting as promised from the poll on my Sint Marteen topic, enjoy!

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Astrojet) coming from Miami, Florida

Air Canada Airbus A330-300 coming from Toronto, Canada

Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 originally going from ATL-BOG but diverted due to ill passenger

United Airlines Boeing 737-800 coming from Newark, New Jersey

Delta Airlines Boeing 757-200 coming from Atlanta

Frontier Airlines Airbus A321 coming from Orlando (Nose dive πŸ’€)

TUI Boeing 787-8 coming from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

TUI Boeing 787-9 coming from Manchester, United Kingdom

Jetblue Airbus A320 going to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

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Where should I spot next?

  • London Heathrow
  • Jackson Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta
  • Denver International Airport

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beautiful once again my friend and both that yyz and fll photos are the best!πŸ‘


Thanks, bro.

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It’s a Tie between ATL and DEN.

Denver it is, coining your way either tonight or tomorrow.


Great pics though!


I like the Delta 767 shot.

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That’s totally me, A321 too floaty I gotta nose dive that thing and flare at the last minute like when β€œ10” is called out just to get the main gear to touch the ground first and not to float down the runway it’s so annoying and it stresses me out anytime I use the A321


What speed are you going at and what flaps for this to be a problem? Cause I have never experienced this!

Full flaps I think

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I do full flaps and do not have issues with this, I am wondering if they are way too fast.

I have that exact same problem!

Usually 140kts