Monroe NC Warbirds Airshow!


Today was the annual warbirds airshow in Monroe NC(East Charlotte) and I was there to experience the oldies flying right in front of us. I shot over 200 pictures and I’ve chose my 10 favorites which are unedited and feature nice oldies. I won’t have great descriptions as I’m not a huge expert on these kinds of planes.

hope u enjoy these pics and feel free to use them while crediting me:)

Formation flight which was an awesome sight to see!

C 47 Taxing to dump some paratroopers later

Some Nazi plane that I don’t know of; also a very fast one

The beloved P38 Mustang, fastest plane at the show

B17 Bomber taxing to parking

Idk what kind of plane this was, but it made some RIDICULOUS maneuvers

Another shot of the formation flight which flew right over us

A shot of the paratroopers jumping out of the C47

B17 overhead

Mustang doing an incredible flyby

That’s all folks!

I hope u like these pics, and I think my spotting frequency will be going up so u might expect some more spotting reports by me!


Wow! Great pics dude! That P-38 though…🤤

I was there too :)

First-look through my raw images:

that one could use some photoshop work…

also could use some photoshop

In the three hours we were there, I took over 1,000 photos! So hopefully I got some nice shots.


Wow, that first shot was absolutely stunning… Great job!

Awesome shots! Keep it up!

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