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So I’ve searched for this particular topic and this is the closest post I could find pertaining to this and I don’t feel like the author expresses the same intent as my feature suggestion.

I would love to see ATC have the ability to instruct a pilot to monitor another frequency, and I think the core components needed for this to work are already in the game.

In the above photo I demonstrate how ATC have the ability to clear an aircraft from their list on the right side of the screen by swiping left or right on the aircraft they would like to remove.
I would believe it to be possible to have, let’s say, ground tell a pilot to “Monitor KXXX tower on 12X.X”. When the pilot chooses to “Send and Switch” they will appear to the tower controller as the aircraft in the second picture above, on frequency but not taking up space on the controller’s list. This would be useful for that awkward bit of the taxi to the runway where the pilot is approaching the line for departure but not yet ready to really interact with tower to request takeoff. It would help increase pilot awareness because they can hear what’s currently being done between tower and other aircraft which will allow them to better speculate what to expect upon contact with the tower.
This would be handy for the tower controller as it would allow them to see the aircraft is on their frequency (appears white) and allow them to quickly select the aircraft to notify it of its position in the departure sequence, etc.

I get what you are saying, and it is a great idea! Definitely used in real life. However, I’m a little concerned as to the workload it would add to the controller. Now they would need to send additional messages, and continue monitoring the aircraft.

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Not necessarily. That’s the idea behind the monitoring vs switching frequency all together. In my opinion it would take work off of the controller because it:

  • Doesn’t take up room on their list
  • Helps insure that aircraft approaching their runway are on their frequency and not “going rogue”.
  • Allows for quick access to the aircraft if they need to contact it without having to send an on guard warning and wait for the pilot to request/change frequency.

The ATC is not required to give any instruction to a monitoring pilot but the pilot is there, only one click away, if they need to. They can be treated as any aircraft taxiing to the runway that has, by the current system, yet to swap to their frequency from ground.

Ahh. I see! I withdraw my criticisms. I’m out of votes, but think this is a good idea! Thank you for clarifying.

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Not that I would ever do it in any other situation, but since it’s apparently possible to vote on your own topic, I’ve given my vote for you 😂

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