Monday night planespotting while ATCing ground in KLAX

Hi guys :) ,
I have a bit of catching up to do. I had to focus on my assessment first, and I turned that in last night. I already received my grade back (my professor is a fast grader) and I am good to go :) . Anyway, recently I have started showing an interest in ATCing again so on Monday night, I decided to do KLAX ground ATC on the training server. When things got quiet, I had the opportunity to do some “plane spotting “ and found lots of interesting planes :) so I have decided to share them here. If you recognize yourself here, feel free to save the picture you’re in :) . As for me, I’ll take more pictures soon. I might either start a new ATC thread or revive my old one :)


I had more than four pictures… something happened to the other six. I’ll have to find out what happened :) .

Nice photos I think the way I’m holding my device is the reason why that Airfrance looks a little titled for me


Looks a little tilted to me too


Thanks guys :) the Air France picture was due to the fact that this plane was at the gate and I was viewing all the planes from the tower camera :)