Monday Morning in Bogota


it’s ur boi, BACK AT IT AGAIN!!!

Did some Freecam shots earlier this morning, here you are:

A Turkish Airlines 777 pushes back as an Air France 787 does the same, while a C-130 taxies to the runway.

A Delta 767 takes off as a Aeromexico 787 and a United 747 holds short.

An Avianca 787 lands as its Aeromexico counterpart looks on.

A FedEx 777 lands as the Aeromexico 787 and United 747 continue to hold short.

Another FedEx 777 lands as a Copa 737 holds short.

A Turkish 777 taxies to the runway as an Aeromexico 787 takes off.

A Columbian Army C208 lands as a TBM and Aeromexico 737 hold short.

A Lufthansa MD-11F executes a go-around.

An American Airlines A320 lands as an Avianca 787 holds short.

Let me know your favourite below!


Nice pictures👌🏼👏🏼


Amazing shots. You seem to have taken @Nate_Schneller’s free cam tips seriously.


Ay thanks!


That’s some inspiration right there. Good shots!


Very nice pictures, especially the Copa one, sadly the livery is outdated. Also, you can expect to have SKBO renovated again soon :)


That’s great news!