Monday Morning in Bogota

it’s ur boi, BACK AT IT AGAIN!!!

Did some Freecam shots earlier this morning, here you are:

A Turkish Airlines 777 pushes back as an Air France 787 does the same, while a C-130 taxies to the runway.

A Delta 767 takes off as a Aeromexico 787 and a United 747 holds short.

An Avianca 787 lands as its Aeromexico counterpart looks on.

A FedEx 777 lands as the Aeromexico 787 and United 747 continue to hold short.

Another FedEx 777 lands as a Copa 737 holds short.

A Turkish 777 taxies to the runway as an Aeromexico 787 takes off.

A Columbian Army C208 lands as a TBM and Aeromexico 737 hold short.

A Lufthansa MD-11F executes a go-around.

An American Airlines A320 lands as an Avianca 787 holds short.

Let me know your favourite below!


Nice pictures👌🏼👏🏼

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Amazing shots. You seem to have taken @Nate_Schneller’s free cam tips seriously.

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Ay thanks!

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That’s some inspiration right there. Good shots!


Very nice pictures, especially the Copa one, sadly the livery is outdated. Also, you can expect to have SKBO renovated again soon :)


That’s great news!