Monday Long Haul on Aeromexico | Tokyo Narita to Benito Juárez at Mexico City

Hey all IFC members! I realized I haven’t posted anything since 2016 ish, but now I am back! From dealing with university studies and flying Infinite Flight at the same time, it was fun! So I want to share some of my screenshots to you all.

Server: Expert Server
Event: Monday Long Haul
Callsign: Aeromexico 57
Origin and destination: 🇯🇵RJAA (Narita Intl) to 🇲🇽MMMX (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Aircraft Load: 95% (Heavy)
Cruising attitude and speed: 36000ft @ Mach 0.79-80 over the North Pacific Ocean
On ground time in total: 58 mins (Including planning and taxiing)
Flight time: 13 hours and 1 minute

Parked at Gate 12 at RJAA

Taking off at Rwy 34L

And off we go!! Climb to 33000ft

Leaving Tokyo airspaces and getting my dinner served at economy class

An awesome right-wing photo was taken before my dinner… Served by the traditional tacos from Mexico

Just pass the International Date Line and Cruising at 36000ft, here’s the cockpit photo (Zzz)

About to get into the West coast, below you can see KSFO, also I am served with a warm breakfast before landing to Mexico City

After an hour, I was instructed to land at MMMX with busy traffic this morning.

Landing time!

Landing at Rwy 05R, wind calm at 1 knot

Smooth Butterization!!!

Taxiing to Parking after making a butter landing

And here we are! After exactly 13 hours of flight time, we have arrived at MMMX. Wonderful.

Thank you guys! Feel free to comment and tag if you are in one of these photos! See you next time!


A maximum of 10 photos please. You have 13! Amazing photos btw. 👍

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Sorry I never know there’s a limit of posting pictures.

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Yep! It’s mainly so that you choose the absolute best out of them all, and due to storage reasons. You have some very nice pictures here, though!

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I saw you at RJAA. I was one of the 2 Aeromexicos.


Oh yes! You were ASVA103 and you were flying so close with another flight (I believe the callsign was N1ME). I was actually spectating you the whole flight 😂 just kidding


Very cool pictures!

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I saw you arriving and departing!

I love that you sat yourself in coach for your virtual flight. We are different people, you and I.


I was actually sleeping over the night😂 I took off at like Real time 9:45 ish but yea

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@Mark_Eatman and I were doing a group flight.


That cockpit view though.
Love it, and the take off too!

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