Monday evening summer Spotting (ft. Airbus)

A friend of mine informed me of the return of Air Malta to Geneva in about an hour. It gave me the time to load my stuff and jump on my bike for a little evening session.

While we were mainly served by Embraer during during the major fleet grounding, the wave of Buses was finally back. I am not exaggerating, we saw nothing else than the A320 family and biz jets.

This session was the perfect occasion to sharpen my editing skills (even though the perfect light this day was very helpful).

β€œ9H” was mostly seen on private jets during these last weeks, nice to see the beautiful Maltese livery again

[Airbus A320-214 β€” 9H-AEN β€” Air Malta]

The famous and beloved (not.) EasyJet Switzerland bus

[Airbus A320-214 β€” HB-JXL β€” EasyJet Switzerland]

The grass wasn’t cut all the way so the line-up :/

[Airbus A220-300 Cseries in our hearts β€” HB-JCC β€” Swiss]

The French avion, only airbus we saw everyday these weeks

[Airbus A319-111 β€” F-GRHK β€” Air France]

We all need a racoon hiding in the bushes with her shiny blades

[Airbus A320-251N β€” EC-NDN β€” Iberia]


[Airbus A320-232 β€” HA-LYV β€” Wizz]

One NEO isn’t enough anymore for me :p

[Airbus A321-251N β€” CS-TJM β€” TAP]

Finishing with a face to face with the star of the evening

[Same Air Malta :)]

I really like these shots, a bit sad not to have a 737 though.

For the curious one I’m spotting with a Nikon D3400 and a Nikon 18-105mm kit lens. See you later, maybe for a Business Jet series of shot ✌️


Incroyable! It is always fun to spot at Geneve


Fantastic pictures all around! As an Airbus fan that’s a perfect topic for me ;)

Don’t forget the A220 ;)


Beautiful pictures

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Low the CSERIES!!

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Nice shots! What was your shutter and apature for these? Your pictures are always so sharp!

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Amazing shots πŸ₯° very well done!

Incredible pictures :)

The 220 was rarely flying, only doing some flights for the government :/

Lucky enough I kept it the same the whole way.
Manual β€” 1/1250 β€” F/9 β€” ISO200
I was using darktable for editing and that helps a lot with sharpness

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You must be quite lucky to live around Geneva, fantastic scenery and a great, busy airport. I love these pictures! I hope to see more.

And my personal favourite will always be the older livery on the W!Zz Air Airbus A320.

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That’s sad. But glad you see some traffic back again too! And thanks for the great pictures!

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Not every busy airports are equal, we get 70% EasyJet, British Airways and Swiss on the schedule, lucky enough private aviation balance that a lot!

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