Monday Evening at Sydney

Been months since I visited Sydney, here are some evening shots for you all to enjoy

Qantas off to the boring side of the country, Perth

Yet another B737 off to the Mystery city, Perth

Little Saab passing the full moon

Qantas Towing the MD-11F to the cargo bay

A rare sight for Sydney, the Alliance E190 100 year livery

10 Xciting Air Asia X being loaded for a late departure

POV: When you have a big lens for a short distance

Freight night riders always in a rush to get out

ANA B788 ready for Push

Camera Gear
  • Canon 90D
  • Canon 100-400mk ii



Cool shots

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Beautiful shots, I saw the Alliance 100 year livery at Melbourne the other day.

Western Australia? Wheres that!? Sounds pretty boring 🥱

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Nice shots as well.

iʻd upload to jetphotos with that quality

This is one of the E190s that used to fly with Copa Airlines, incredible the long journey they did to arrive at their new home! Glad though they’re still flying.

Awesome shots Chris!

Beautiful shots Chris

Emptiest Qantas 737 service in Australia

because who on earth wants to go to Perth


Exactly 🤣🤣

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Beautiful cargo!

Very nice shots! Will make a plane spotting series based on LROP soon…tm

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