Monarch staff sells their uniform on ebay

With the collapse of Monarch Airlines they have decided to sell things on ebay like crew hats, life vests and cooking gloves.



Hehe, I might cut into some of my Live Pro funds to get some…

It’s not Monarch selling it though. It’s the staff

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Sounds fair enough. They need money to live. Could be good loot.

Problem is it’s way overpriced then how much it should be. IMO

Yeah. It’s people trying to snap it up quickly I guess.

God, £99 for a hat is mental!


You would be surprised how much that sort of stuff costs to buy. I wouldn’t be surprised if it cost more than that for Monarch to buy


Id personally buy the vest but not the hats which are like £90. And anyway, I’d rather have the vest and it’s only like £5

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This may just be me but I don’t wanna spend £50+ to walk around looking like an unemployed flight attendant 😐.


Why is everyone hating this?

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Why they choose to sell now is beyond me… if they wait a few years all of that will be worth way more.

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Because many of them need money right now. They are all unemployed and some have families to support.


Yes, but I wouldn’t buy a £99 hat. It’s slightly overpriced, especially considering that it isn’t new.

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This is sad 😔
It’s a nicely coloured uniform. You’d think they’d want to keep it? Hope they all find jobs soon 🤞

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