Monarch holiday jet turns back to Tenerife 'after passenger SETS FIRE to hands and threatens to burn steward's face'


Eek. Scary stuff. Glad everyone was okay.

Ugh, today passengers…is very hard to behave correctly in a plane?


@BrunoC. MaxSez: Please follow this up. Be of significant interest if this was a terrorism related incident or just another football hooligan.

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To be fair. Tenerife is lovely. It hurts to leave when you’ve had a great holiday. Having to come back to reality and all that. I’m about to leave Crete. I won’t set fire to my hands. My toddler on the other hand…


It appears it was not terror related.

Sorry wrong link.

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Seems like another case of violence on aircraft traveling to and from the U.K. to holiday destinations. Becoming too common now, with airlines like Jet2 having to intruduce a friendly flight policy or whatever it was to stop passengers getting drunk on board.

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