Monarch DC10 Takeoff

There have been many topics like this in the past but the latest one was closed a few months ago I believe. So I think I am good, mods.

Send in your own screenshots in IF and describe what you are telling us!

This is me taking off with the Monarch DC10-30 a few years ago. Pretty old but gold.


Nice photo 👌🏻
There might be another post/Topic but someone will advise anyway very nice picture! 👍🏻 Keep up the good work!

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This is the whole point of the #screenshots-and-videos category. Nice concept, though.

Yeah but frequent reposting is not good, so I am just clarifying it to the mods.

That’s also why they have a 24-hour grace period after posting a topic in #screenshots-and-videos. :]

The whole concept of one large thread for people to post photos was disallowed when the #screenshots-and-videos category was introduced. It allows more people to gain recognition for their work and is surprisingly much easier to moderate.

Chances are if a topic has previously been closed by mods, even if it’s a few months ago, it’s not allowed. Please make sure your post follows these guidelines in future:

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Didn’t break any of those rules but okay sure

Nice pic! Love the fog with those colors.

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thanks man!

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